Introducing My Very Own Easter Witch!

Easter witch

Did you know that if you spend Easter in Sweden, Norway or Finland, you will most likely run into Easter witches?

Stash Busting Fiber Easter Eggs


Knit, felt and crochet your way to a colorful Easter basket brimming with eye candy!

I have been teasing my contacts in Flickr the past couple weeks with sneak peaks as egg after egg was completed and added to the basket.

And now it's time for - the big reveal!

I have one embroidered felted egg that I am still wrestling with (the white one with pastel dots in the back!) - but mostly my basket is ready for Easter!

Valentine Love

Crocheted hearts

Happy Valentines Day!

Don't you love my new hearts?

My friend Gill sent me the beautiful red one from Norway; and the pink one - my very first crocheted heart! Made from a pattern Greta sent as a thank you for my orders from her shop ATERGcrochet.

Perfect Week to Indulge in Cream Puffs!

Delicious Custard filled Cream Puff

Custard Cream Puffs with Chocolate Topping

Who doesn't love cream puffs! Whether filled with sweetened whipped cream or luscious custard (my absolute favorite version), once we have eaten one, we never forget it!

Keeping You Up To Date - What's New on Gingerbreadsnowflakes!!

Crocheted Ball Ornaments in Raku Bowl

Before getting to what's new - a little about something "old"!!

Crocheted Christmas Balls! I can not bear to put them in storage with the other ornaments, so I have placed them in a beautiful pottery bowl given to us at Christmas. Besides eye candy, they serve as a reminder that what I once thought impossible for me to do (that would be crochet) was in fact NOT impossible!

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