"Monetize Your Craft Blog" - Class Review!

Monetize your Craft Blog

Due to the fact that Diane had more people wanting to take her first Monetize Your Craft Blog Class in August than she had seats available, she is offering the class again!

And again, already she has almost filled every seat! So if you are thinking about it - you had better hurry and make the decision to register!

Christmas Mice - a project from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style"

Christmas Mice

As promised! My Christmas Mice! Created using pattern and instructions from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style".

Book Review - Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style by Tone Merete Stenklov and Miriam Nilsen Morken and published by Stackpole Books

I LOVE this book! I can't begin to tell you how many times I have picked it up in the past couple weeks while relaxing with a lovely hot cup of coffee in hand, my eyes pouring over every page and my mind happily dreaming of making!

Cookie Butter! Biting Into Christmas!

Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter!

Delicious! We are loving it at our house!

Great for spreading on waffles, pancakes, ice cream! Even toast! Especially toast!

Real cookies in every jar! Like biting into Christmas!

Score a jar or two or three at Trader Joe's.

Check Out This Very Cool Book "Knitted Christmas Stockings"!


I hope you are not too tired of me mentioning the Christmas Stocking Giveaway that Robin at RSISLAND CRAFTS is hosting again this year.

It's just that I am just so excited! I feel like Santa Claus every time I think of something more to hide in the stockings!

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