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Cookies! Sweet Yummy Valentine (or Any-Other-Time) Cookies!

Carmel Nut Bars

The brand new Valentine Cookie Recipe Flickr Set is ready and waiting for you!!!

Find it right here!

As always, I am here if you have questions!!

Now Â… you have a whole weekend ahead of you ...  go bake cookies!!!

Leave The Zucchini and Take The Apples


According to my Sweetie: "this pie isn't rocketing to the top of my favorites chart".

And later: "The crust is excellent, by the way - but from now on, I would prefer you make this with apples."

Well - I HAD to try it! My neighbor mentioned that making "Mock Apple Pie" with zucchini was a great way to eat zucchini! Now that I have actually tried it, I beg to differ.

All this experiment has done is make me even more anxious for apple season to get here! No zucchini masquerading as apples for me! I want the REAL deal!

If you care, here is the recipe I used and you can find many, many more by googling apple pie made with zucchini. Apparently zucchini apple pie has a rather large fan club.

We are not members.

If you want to make lovely sweet things with your zucchini, try out this delicious recipe on Butterfly Jungle for Blueberry Zucchini Heaven!

Or do what I do! Using your very own recipe for zucchini bread do this: just before putting in the baking pan, grate some unsweetened chocolate into the batter and gently stir to mix - playing with amounts to your taste! Coconut is also great in zucchini bread - or both coconut and chocolate!

Produce harvest is in full swing now! And Fanie and Diane will most likely be duking it out at the farmers markets with their awesome produce images.  Don't miss! Enjoy!

Mother - Daughter Giveaway for Mother's Day!

Panna Cotta!   Chocolate Mousse!   Cream Puffs!   Cheese Blintz!

All perfect, deliciously decadent ways to celebrate Mother's Day!  And all made with very little or no sugar!

(Not So) Sweets is a perfect gift for Mothers, especially those who are cooking and baking for family members on restricted sugar diets. and for Moms who are just simply trying to reduce the amount of sugar in the family diet.

And, I am thinking, with all the tutorials in our crafty universe for making book covers, printing out a copy of the book and making a lovely paper or fabric  cover would make your gift both personal and unique.

To celebrate Mother's Day Diane and I are co-hosting a giveaway and my contribution is a copy of (Not So) Sweets so you can make a beautiful book for your Mom!

And Diane is sharing some of the crafty goodness she brought home from crafty play time aboard the Crafty Chica Cruise.

I picked Diane up at the airport when she returned from the cruise so I got to touch and see and hold every item you see here! You or your Mom will love having these bright, happy objects in your homes - made by Diane and inspired by Crafty Chica!

Adorable button boquet! Pop it into a tiny vase and it is a perfect color - accent almost anywhere.

Reconstructed T-shirt pillow case created using Tulip Fabric Spray Paints and stencils and glitter - all part of the Crafty Chica product line.  All you need to add is the stuffing!

Very colorful wooden shrine designed by Kathy's super crafty husband, Patrick the Mantastic Crafter!  Add personal images and tokens to it and make it a personal shrine for Dia de Muertos.

Hand painted silk scarf using Kathy's Crafty Chica Tango Fabric Markers.  This pretty scarf could be worn, of course, but it would also be lovely displayed on a table or on the back of a chair, or cut into pieces and framed!

So!  There you are!  The lucky winner will receive all of these gifts!

To enter, leave a comment below or on Diane's post here! International entries are most welcome!

Entries close on May 5th (Cinco doe Mayo) at noon, PST

Good luck everyone!

FoodWhirl Guest Post - Mocha Tapioca!

My sweetie's new favorite dessert! My low sugar version of Mocha Tapioca! Rich chocolate mocha taste, almost no sugar. He can't even tell the sugar is missing!

I am pretty excited right now because you can find my recipe for this yummy pudding on FoodWhirl - a really cool new food blog.

And while you are there, take some time to look around. If you are anything like me, you are going to be anxious to try lots and lots of the recipes offered!

I am so definitely going to make Zesty Twice Baked Potatoes and Bacon, Cheddar, Jalapeno Cornbread and Tuscan Beef Stew and Chicken White Bean Chili and  - OMG I could go on and on!  Go visit!  See for yourself how many great recipes and cooking techniques and tips you just have to save!

I made the Chicken, Spinach and Rice Burritos for my sweetie just a few nights ago.  He requested them for dinner again the very next night too!  I used pre-cooked chard in place of spinach and added a bit of sour cream - delicious!

Tortellini Pesto Soup!  I made this one too! Not only delicious but so easy and quick.  Yes - I added chard again instead of spinach - nothing against spinach but my "greens passion" runs more to chard and beat greens! Great recipe for using up some of my frozen pesto, too.

Under Techniques you will find everything from a tutorial for How to Chop an Onion (there is a right way to do this - imagine that) to Overnight Roast Pork (which cooks while you are sleeping!)

So go visit!  And while you are there, check out my yummy Mocha Tapioca pudding recipe which I developed while creating decadent, tasty dessert recipes that are low in sugar for my new e-book.  I promise, you will not miss the sugar! And you will love the pudding!

My new e-book?  Yup!  With help from Diane's publishing, designing and editing skills, I put together a little e-book called (Not So) Sweets,  Easy and Decadent Low sugar and No Sugar Desserts

It is written for peoople who either must reduce or who choose to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets.  The intent was to create almost sugar free dessert recipes that could be served to both "sugar eaters" and people on sugar restricted diets and no one at the table would know the difference!

Try the Mocha Tapioca and let me know what you think!

Sweet and Easy (Not So) Sweet Treats!

I am taking a quick break from "recycle month" because I just got word from Diane that my brand new e-book (Not So) Sweets is now available in her CraftyPod shop

Some of my all time favorite desserts are included - Cream Puffs, Mousse, Panna Cotta and Linzer Cookies.  

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