Fiber Nativity Inspired by Many Friends

photo of finished Fiber Nativity

Finally, after spending over four years on my to do list, my fiber nativity is on display. It is a happy result of inspiration from many of my online friends, and as it grows from year to year, it will continue to reflect inspiration from additional friends who inspire me!

The idea of creating my own nativity and then adding something new to it each year began with my dear friend Gill who lives in Norway and who loves nativities as much as I do. She introduced me to her family custom of adding a new figure or item to their nativity every year and I loved the concept at once!

I did not forget the babe by the way, but am saving him to add on Presepe Day, December 8th. The babe is needle felted but I haven't decided yet how to create a manger. I first learned about Presepe Day from another dear friend Silvia {Madame Renard) several years ago. It is the day that most families in Italy set up treasured nativities, some spanning generations of use. If you missed the post in which I shared a selection of hand crafted presepe (nativity) you can see it here. And Silvia's personal memories from Presepe Day here.

Fiber Nativity

Not long after making my series of angels (here) fashioned using cone ends, left over yarn from my own Yarnia stash, and bits and pieces left over at and sold in bags at YarniaPDX, I thought it would be a great idea to make a nativity using only leftover yarns from Yarnia. See how the bodies are constructed here. Cones, cone ends and bag of bits can be ordered in the Yarnia online shop. here

Fiber Nativity

For the cloaks, I turned to my inspiring friend Terri at Saori Salt Springs Weaving (here) who has been there encouraging me from the first day I began weaving Saori Style; and to my daughter Diane who taught me how to make and weave on cardboard looms. Find more on both here. The only cloak not woven entirely of Yarnia bits and pieces is Mary's. For her cloak I used delicious left over sock yarn from my Dragyn Feet Socks (find the yarns here) and some stash alpaca white.

Advent Countdown Tree Knitted Ornament Update

The woolly sheep made last year from a knit/felt pattern designed my Marie Mayhew was always intended to be part of the nativity. You can find Marie's patterns available on Ravelry (here) and in her Etsy Shop Woolly Something here. Marie always inspires me! I have easily learned so many helpful knitting techniques by means of her extremely well written patterns, not to mention the creativity her patterns inspire in me!

Catching up

Next year - an Arne and Carlos Horse will be added! And at least a couple Alan Dart creatures, and an adorable Alpaca designed by Planet June. (I am making up for lost time!!)

Find Alan Dart here. Planet June's shop here. And if you like the horse, the free pattern is available on the Trafalgar Books (USA) site here.

Also thinking of creating a background using applique inspired by my lovely blog and IG friend and brilliant artist Misty (here), contour drawing inspired by IG friend Anne in Finland, and embroidery inspired by my talented adopted daughter, Carina (here). No clue how exactly that is going to look yet! Muse is working on that one!!!

Hope you are all busy with holiday goodness!!!

How gorgeous is that! Your

How gorgeous is that! Your cone people are so effective and the angel you sent me is a treasured part of our Christmas decorating. In fact I recently found three nearly empty cones at the thrift store and they are awaiting a little attention in my "Gatherings" I may just have to take inspiration from you again????. And that darling sheep! So perfect with his woolly ringlets.
My collection of Nativities is ever growing, but I have totally run out of places to display them. Now I just choose one or two in rotation! This year's lucky find was a really vintage set which I believe to be Portuguese or Spanish. The stable is made of thick natural cork bark. Although the figures are plastic, they are beautifully painted and it has obviously been well loved for a lifetime.
I shall look forwards to seeing how your set progresses ????

Oh Gill, I am truly looking

Oh Gill, I am truly looking forward to making more figures for the nativity.  Unfortunately, like you, I can't just drop what I am doing and make them.  Next year.  I did add a yarn star to this one!  Gotta have a star and as you know I have bunches of them!!!  

Poor little sheep.  Summer is especially difficult for him!  I pulled out every squiggly piece of yarn in my stash and needle felted it on to his body so he would look as though he is in desperate need of a good shearing!!!

Your newly found nativity sounds just wonderful.  Please send me a picture but only if you have time and it is not too much trouble.

Sending you love.

I thought you would have a

I thought you would have a little chuckle to discover that my three knitting cones are currently acting as colourful toppers for my ( rather late) hyacinth bulbs in their glass hyacinth vases!

I am slowly preparing the house for advent. The Christmas curtains are up, and tomorrow I will hang the window stars that light up each room through out the Christmas season. I will change the autumn door wreath and put out advent candles before dusk.

I will send a photo of my nativity once it is in place.

I am suddenly very busy 16 yr old declared a desperate desire for a Gryffindor scarf earlier this week!! Too few weeks to go before Christmas! I am also finally giving in to the current handknitted socks and mittens bug. Wools, patterns and needles at the ready, but they must wait until January now I think????Xxx

Thank you for mentioning me

Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I'm very happy to be part of your knowledge about presepe :)
I love all the things you make and the photos you've posted here, but the thing I like the most is you face :)
your eyes are so beautiful!!!

Oh goodness, Silvia!  What a

Oh goodness, Silvia!  What a sweet thing to say.  Thank you!!!  

Even though it has now been a few years since we focused on sharing Presepe together,  it only seems as if it was last Christmas!! Things have sure changed in the on line world since that time.  Remember it wasn't that easy to find pictures?  Or for that matter, information!

Seeing all those beautiful and creative hand crafted nativities from members of Etsy Italia inspired me that I could make my own!!! 

Love your nativity and all of

Love your nativity and all of your sweet things you have made! Can't wait to see the applique background you are cooking up! I have a Christmas bucket list, too. One involves a wreath of tiny knitted snowmen. I hope I get around to it! :)

Oh Your wreath sounds

Oh Your wreath sounds wonderful!!!!  Hopefully if not this year, then next.  I am happy you like the nativity figurines, Misty.  The fun part now will ve adding more figures and tweaking (just added a yarn star), and making the background!!!  And, yes, I will be as interested as you are to see what that looks like!!!!!