Broken Arm Means a Change in Projects


A change in crafty plans - no knitting or embroidery for awhile! Broken arm - but isn’t that neon pink cast totally cool?

So after a week of being quite cross about what I can’t do - which is most everything - I took my wise mother’s advice and tried to think of what I CAN do.

Nedle felting on knit/felt Matryoshka doll

My half finished Matryoshka doll is finally getting the attention she deserves. Needle felting is pretty much a one hand operation anyway and the surface of that resin cast works great as a surface for forming and shaping the roving. I may ask for it back!

Pin Loom Weaving

Sorting through great piles of paper that have accumulated over the last couple years turned up an idea for pin weaving that I can definitely manage.

Saving a Family Treasure

And the old, abused quilt we found in my great grandmother’s trunk - now I have no excuse for not completing the task of removing the Dresden Plates that are still intact.

Saving a Family Treasure

Using the tiny embroidery scissors that belonged to my great grand. I used these when I was 6 years old!

Saving a Family Treasure

Funny thing, the plates look pretty good until they are removed from the quilt. Once removed, they look grungy. A product called Biz used to remove organic stains from mineral specimens works beautifully to remove the grunge and restore the colors.

So! I think I should be able to keep busy until I have the use of both hands again. And I will be able to complete some long standing works in progress! It is a win win!

Thank you to everyone who

Thank you to everyone who sent me get well wishes.  I was difficult to type for much of the past 6 months, but now I am back and the arm is healed and 805 functional.  I am told I have a few more months befor it will be back to normal, but I can do most activities once again!!!


I appreciate your notes so much.  I feel very loved.

Pam, We haven't heard from


We haven't heard from you in a long while. Hope you and Diane are fine.


I just popped over here to

I just popped over here to look for some creative inspiration and saw this! Being in a different time zone, I miss so much on Instagram. I hope you've healed well!

Oh Pam! I'm so sorry to hear

Oh Pam! I'm so sorry to hear about your broken arm! May you heal quickly!

Love your Matryoshka doll!! :D

Get well soon!

Get well soon!

Pam, What happened? And are


What happened? And are you OK?


Oh no! Wishing you a speedy

Oh no! Wishing you a speedy recovery! I'm glad you're able to look at the things that you can do with one arm and to post. Good luck!


Wow, this kind of stinks, but

Wow, this kind of stinks, but you are taking it in stride & making the best of it. It's amazing how many crafty things you did find that you can handle, and what an array of things they are.
My first thought when I saw the cast & needle felting was that it would be a good base to poke against, no worries that you'll nab a finger... I wonder if you'll be able to use your palm like that?
And the quilting, I can't wait to see what you do with those pieces.
Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!! See you on Instagram.

Oh, Pam, I'm so sad for

Oh, Pam, I'm so sad for you!!!
A broken arm can be a very boring thing, I know it by experience!!!!
I hope you will recover soon!!!

i am so glad to hear from

i am so glad to hear from you, Silvia.  i have lost touch with so many friends these past couple years.  

Yes!  Boring is a very good word.  also tiresome.  Hence the need to find things I can do with one hand.

 Are you joining us on Instagram???  Or am I following someone I don't know?


Pam, I love your pink cast

Pam, I love your pink cast and that are using it to help you shape the roving! :). You seem to have found some excellent projects to do while healing!

Misty, the whole cast is made

Misty, the whole cast is made of layers and layers of what could prove to be fab. crafty materials.  as each layer was applied, all i could think of is ways I could use the materials..  lol