"The Knitted Slipper Book" - First Completed Pair of Slippers

Diane's slipper Clogs Completed and delivered!

Done! Completed! Finished! AND Delivered! Beautiful knitted/felted Trim Clog Slippers! My first project from the pages of "The Knitted Slipper Book: Slippers and House Shoes for the Entire Family" by Katie Startzman.

"The Knitted slipper Book" by Katie Startzman

If you are at all into knitting, felting or making for people you love, you need this book!!! Christmas is months and months away, so there is plenty of time to make several pair of slippers for gift giving!!!

Enjoy the delightful trailor for "The Knitted Slipper Book" here,  read more and see completed projects here on Ravelry, visit Katie's special book site here, and click here to read my original review!

Image collage taken from images in "The Knitted slipper book" by Katie Startzman

Seriously, there is something for everyone here! And one aspect of the book I especially appreciate is that most every slipper can be made to fit your 6'3" husband or your pint sized toddler - and anyone in between! 

Order your very own copy directly from Katie here, or from the publisher, Abrams Books here, or from amazon, here. And get busy knitting your first pair!

Knitted Felted Clog slippers Completed and Delivered

And now - just a few notes to share my own journey making my first pair of slippers from Katie's fabulous book!!

Here is a peak into the box just before wrapping and giving to Diane!

Notice those beauty soles! LOVE them.

Katie offers several suggestions for creating non-skid soles, but this is the option that appealed to me - suede leather soles. Katie actually shares everything you need to know to make your own, and I was ready to do just that when I stumbled across these lovely pre-cut and punched beauties in my Knit Picks catalogue.

I ordered them immediately. That suede is oh so soft. Makes the slippers feel even more comfy. The soles are made by Fiber Trends and are available through Knit Picks. Here is a direct link.

But this is the END of the story!

Knitting completed

This is the beginning!

I just could not help myself! I had to stuff these babies and wear them for a photo before felting. Like most felted accessories - bags for instance - the slippers are enormous once knitting is completed. So big that if you have never felted a knitted item before, you might be concerned that the slippers will be much too large.

Trust Katie! Trust the pattern!

Felted to size!

Once felting is completed the slippers fit absolutely perfectly! AND - just so your know - there is a bit of "wiggle room" when it comes to felting to size. Katie explains in the book - felt a little less, a little more or do a bit of tugging if necessary!

I actually felted the slippers and both pair of liners in the washing machine at Diane's house so I could make her try them on while wet. To achieve a perfect fit, the outer clog and both liners required two runs through the machine - hottest water, lowest water lever, most vigorous cycle.

It just amazes me how all of Katie's decreases and increases are so perfectly placed in the pattern to deliver a beautifully shaped and well fitting pair of slipper clogs.

Slipper liner pink

I used Brown Sheep Company's Lamb's Pride Worsted for the outer clog. Having had prior experience with felting this wool and mohair blend, I knew felting would result in a nice thick, dense, nearly indestructible, shape holding clog. And per Diane's request for a color that would not show dirt - I selected the dark charcoal colorway.

The liners are made using Cascade 220 Worsted Wool which not only felts nicely (snowmen experience) but also delivers a little thinner and softer felted fabric - perfect for snuggling feet!

Slipper liner blue

I made two pair of liners - pink and blue! The idea being - when Diane needs to wash a pair of liners, she has another pair to slip into her clogs while the washed pair dry - which will take a couple of days. (Like any good woolen garment, liners and clogs, should be air dried on a towel; and in the case of a "3-D " item like felted slippers, per Katie it helps to insert a bit of stuffing - newspaper - while drying for shaping.)


Diane selected the embroidery motif for the top of the slippers from "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris. So along with all the other "firsts" for me during this project, using Carina's instructions, I learned how to stitch a pattern through tissue paper! As you can clearly see, I still need practice with this technique! But it works. 

There really is no other way to transfer a pattern to this heavy, hairy fabric!!!

Project index - The Knitted Slipper Book by Katie Startzman

So many, many knitters are into knitting socks these days - knitting slippers with Katie is just taking sock knitting a step further!! Not hard at all. And the process of creating a pair of slippers provides a journey of making that is richly rewarding.

Order your copy of "The Knitted Slipper Book" and join me! You will be glad you did!

Wow, these are absolutely

Wow, these are absolutely stunning! Thanks so much Pam for your generous and warm review!

Katie, you are so welcome.

Katie, you are so welcome.  It is a pleasure to make slippers from your book and share them!  Next pair will be for ME!!!

aaaw this is warmth and cozy

aaaw this is warmth and cozy looking, and the embroidery you made on it.
well done girl!!!!
I have made for a long time my slippers too, but i now need more stronger ones, to protect my feets. I don't feel them, and by other friends and by my own i learned the hard lesson by my own.LOL
but this is looking fantastic cozy and gorgious.
and indeade you're right, it's a good gift to make;-D
thank you for the sharing-D

by the way i still send alot of people your blog link of my curtains and recommend them too follow you;-D
have a nice weekend;-D
many dutch hugs, jet

Lovely, lovely gift! And the

Lovely, lovely gift! And the colors? Divine!

I've been LOVING my new

I've been LOVING my new slippers so much! They're cushiony and warm, and feel like wearing a big hug. And I love that they're a combination of so many people I admire. Thank you so much, Mom!!

Diane you are so welcome!!!

Diane you are so welcome!!!  You are right!  They DO feel just like a warm hug!  Perfect description!

A little late for Christmas but not a project i wanted to rush.  A rewarding process every step of the way!

I love, love, love these! The

I love, love, love these! The before picture is my favorite. I would have chosen the same yarns for making felt, too - that Lamb's Pride never fails. Felting is so rewarding since everything always looks awesome when complete.

Another fabulous project of yours to admire!

Tammy I really thnk you would

Tammy I really thnk you would enjoy making slippers!!  Yes - I too am a huge fan of Lamb's Pride. It is a marvelous yarn - felted or not felted.

They are beautiful! So nice

They are beautiful! So nice you made 2 liners; that was really thoughtful(and the lovely embroidery matches both!.

Love them! I have a pattern

Love them! I have a pattern that is similar for felted clogs/slippers...it's been on my shelf for too long. :-/ I like your addition of the embroidery too, gives it a Scandinavian touch! :)

I agree!  Could it be because

I agree!  Could it be because a Scandinavian designed the embroidery pattern!!! :-)

Beautiful! Just Beautiful!!!

Beautiful! Just Beautiful!!!

Oh thank you Annette!  So

Oh thank you Annette!  So great to hear from you!!!