Goodbye Fall! Welcome Winter Holidays!


and another set!


Just pulled these from a tree and took a quick shot before putting them in the "press" to dry. Definitely preserving these amazing beauties with Mod Podge.

I have never seen leaves do this before. Do I have any crafty biologists reading who might share why the pigments migrated into pools of color like this?

My apologies for a little earlier than usual Holiday header. My fantastic web master, who is also my wonderful daughter who takes excellent care of her tech-challenged mother, is very busy sharing a few days with Rachel in Austin and then a gig to demo Clover's newest Kanzashi templates.

So we moved on to the holiday look here on Gingerbread Snowflakes just a few days early!


We just finished up our annual photo fun at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island - a quick shot of our assistant and good friend, Leona, to show you a little part of our "set-up". Leona does all the printing for us on the busiest weekends. We could not do it without her!


The quiet moments on the less busy weekends were spent knitting this pretty little cowl. It just seemed appropriate to knit with the yarn that I dyed last fall using purple Indian corn husks grown at the Pumpkin Patch.

I love how it turned out. The pattern is modified from one I purchased from Valley Yarns and the yarn started out as Cascade 220 white.

I will be popping in in a couple days with an update on purchases made from crafty bloggers during October, and then the Winter Holidays officially begin November 1 with my third blogiversary giveaways!


In the meantime - Happy Halloween everyone!

Pam, Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for sharing your fall photos! Okinawa remains green all year, and while we positively love it here, I sometimes miss autumn colors and snow. Love, love, love your cowl - made all the more special by dying it yourself - how cool!
Asked my dad, an arborist, about your gorgeous leaves. He said, "This is the first native red maple, Acer rubrum, leaf IÂ’ve seen that has such a defined variation of colors with dark brown delineation between. The green is the leaf prior to changing, the red is the natural fall color and the tan is produced after the leaf has dried. IÂ’m guessing that just the right fall conditions of sun and humidity have contributed to creating such a beautiful pattern." Positively gorgeous - thanks for sharing them with us!
Big hugs,

Wow! Those leaves are

Wow! Those leaves are outstanding!!!

So looking forward your

So looking forward your comeback to blogging, Pam! ^-^
And looking forward the holidays, too! Eheh!
Much hugs! xoxo!

The leaves are beautiful.

The leaves are beautiful. This past weekend, I gathered some leaves and pressed them between newspapers. I am looking forward to using them when they are pressed.

Me too!  I can not wait for

Me too!  I can not wait for them to finish "drying".  I have to fight off the urge to peak every single day!

I had to look at those leaves

I had to look at those leaves several times before I started reading to see if they were real or something you had done to them.... that is just spectacular! I have never seen leaves do that and I hope you can preserve them! Happy Halloween to you too, Pam, and "cheers!" to a wonderful holiday season ahead! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

The leaves are amazing!

The leaves are amazing! Nature's art is unsurpassed. And, being a huge fan of corn that I am, I am thrilled to see that you have used corn husks for dying your yarn. The color is beautiful! Did you happen to write about that on your blog? I'd love to know how you did it! ~Annie

Yes Annie, I did write a post

Yes Annie, I did write a post about it last year!  The link  is in the text below the image of the cowl.

Still want to see if I can develop a darker dye by leaving the husks in the water a longer time, but so far, the dye in the yarn is holding it's original color beautifully!

Pam I REEEEEEEALY love the

Pam I REEEEEEEALY love the cowl, and especially love that you dyed the yarn with husks. You are so clever crafty. The leaves are amazing, they look unreal. I love the tip from the commenter, Snoopy regarding the glycerine - sounds like a great tip.

Those leaves are stunning! I

Those leaves are stunning! I would love to know what caused the pooled color, so please do share when you find out.

So glad you have a subscription feed now, for us lazy blog readers.

Happy Autumn!

Those leaves are incredible!

Those leaves are incredible! I actually thought you had painted them! If you find out anything about them please let us know :)

Gee, I have never seen leaves

Gee, I have never seen leaves like this...gorgeous!

Holiday beauties coming!!! YEAH!

Purple corn husks? That is

Purple corn husks? That is awesome.

Wow those leaves are amazing.

Wow those leaves are amazing. I have no idea why they would do that but it makes me think about something I saw at a tulip show.

There was an exhibit all about "tulip mania" and how people were paying enormous sums of money just to get bulbs. For years some of the most sought after tulips were once with "broken" color. The color would pool into a dramatic effect on each petal- kind of like these leaves.

Turns out once it was researched they found that this was caused by a virus- so they began to eliminate the bulbs of flowers found to be infected with it. Which made some people mad.

I guess it's still sort of a sore subject that's a matter of debate in the tulip world.

Hi Pam! I'm new here and I

Hi Pam! I'm new here and I just love your blog. Those marshmallow men are adorable!

I don't know why your colors pooled in the leaves, but I do have a great suggestion for preserving freshly picked leaves. Smash the tips of the stems with a hammer and put them in a glass with glycerine. The leaves will absorb the glycerine and will not dry out or crumble. They'll stay fully colored and bendable for a long time and are fantastic to decorate with.

Thanks for the inspiration. :D

Snoopy :D

Hey Pam, Those leaves look so

Hey Pam,
Those leaves look so cool and I have never seen that before, hope that it doesn't mean something is wrong with that tree. Just like you to remind us that the holidays are getting closer, looking forward to more of your Holiday inspiration!

Love the cowl! What a

Love the cowl! What a beautiful, soft colour!

I've been busy knitting baby things for a friend in Ireland and I'm about to start some mittens and a cowl.

Hard to believe that winter is almost here - already!

Have a Haunted, Happy Hallowe'en!

Just Sublime!!

Just Sublime!!