Leave The Zucchini and Take The Apples


According to my Sweetie: "this pie isn't rocketing to the top of my favorites chart".

And later: "The crust is excellent, by the way - but from now on, I would prefer you make this with apples."

Well - I HAD to try it! My neighbor mentioned that making "Mock Apple Pie" with zucchini was a great way to eat zucchini! Now that I have actually tried it, I beg to differ.

All this experiment has done is make me even more anxious for apple season to get here! No zucchini masquerading as apples for me! I want the REAL deal!

If you care, here is the recipe I used and you can find many, many more by googling apple pie made with zucchini. Apparently zucchini apple pie has a rather large fan club.

We are not members.

If you want to make lovely sweet things with your zucchini, try out this delicious recipe on Butterfly Jungle for Blueberry Zucchini Heaven!

Or do what I do! Using your very own recipe for zucchini bread do this: just before putting in the baking pan, grate some unsweetened chocolate into the batter and gently stir to mix - playing with amounts to your taste! Coconut is also great in zucchini bread - or both coconut and chocolate!

Produce harvest is in full swing now! And Fanie and Diane will most likely be duking it out at the farmers markets with their awesome produce images.  Don't miss! Enjoy!

This remind me of my

This remind me of my experimenting with vegetables in my garden: nothing did grow, exept the zuccinis, there were many and big zuccinis, but then I dicovered that my husband hated them. I tried to serve them raw in salad, he hated it, I tried to fill them and prepare in owen, he hated them, I tried to roast them on a pan with cheese, and he hated them, then I gave up.

I've never heard of zucchini

I've never heard of zucchini pie either. I don't think I would care for it either. When someone promises "apple" pie then anything but the original would be disappointing. I love apple season, unfortunately we don't get nice apples around here.

Hi Pam, zucchini pie,

Hi Pam, zucchini pie, interesting. I love that you are willing to give these things at try. I would never be able to get my lot to even taste a zucchini pie as they won't eat apple pie either. I have a strange family. Now as for me, I would give both a go, but then I have to eat the whole pie and that's not good either.

Woah, I've never heard of

Woah, I've never heard of such a thing as zucchini in place of the apples! It sounds crazy and intriguing! Maybe if I stumble across some zucchini at a good price I will give it a whirl...I'm just so curious about it!