Futuregirl Inspires "Snow Alice" - Newest Member of My Soft Toy Snowman Family!


I almost let Christmas in July go by without officially introducing you to Snow Alice! You have seen her peaking out from the background here and there these past months, but you haven't been officially introduced.

Last July you got to meet the first member of my snow family. At that time, I believe I told you I was making several more to share in November!

Best laid plans! Looks like this may be more of a once a year kind of thing! That is what I get for being a dabbler! Way too much going on at a time.

The design for Snow Alice was inspired by Alice Merlino our favorite Futuregirl! Last winter she knitted the cutest little striped hat and scarf for an office mate's Animatronic dancing "Caddyshack gopher". You have just got to pop over to see. She had me in stitches.

I loved, loved, loved the striped hat and scarf, and made up my mind right then and there that my next snowman would have a striped hat and scarf!

The yarns are leftovers from the practice booties I made while learning to knit. And the muff - leftover bit of fluff from pink pony's mane.

I have wanted a muff since I was old enough to know what they are. Never had one. So - I made sure that Snow Alice got to have her very own cozy, fluffy muff.

My second soft toy "snowman" turned out tall and slender and beautiful - just like Alice. Hence the name - Snow Alice!

If you wish to use it, I have a little tutorial for making a very simple snowman pattern and instructions for stitching one up right here.

Except to announce the giveaway winner of Rosie and Bear Christmas Gift embroidery pattern, this is the last "Christmas in July" post. However, Carina, Kathryn, Hanna and I will be taking turns every Monday for the next four weeks posting a Dala Craftalong review.


The Dala Craftalong is already off to a great start! Please join in and post pictures of your very own Dala on the flickr group page.

Happy Christmas in July everyone! And thank you so much for enjoying the celebration with me.

Snow Alice is very cute

Snow Alice is very cute indeed Pam. Talk about warm and snug and oh so cozy.

You are too sweet! I love

You are too sweet! I love that there's a little snow-woman out there named after me. :) I love the huge pom pom and the fuzzy little muff. Adorable all around!

Snow Alice is adorable in her

Snow Alice is adorable in her hat and scarf. Great way to use up left over bits of yarn.

'Snow Alice' is just

'Snow Alice' is just gorgeous!

I am very happy to be

I am very happy to be officially introduced to Snow Alice! I've wondered about her... :) (Especially since Snowmen/women are one of my favs!)