International Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap


Welcome to the International Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap!

Baking cookies is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays and I am always on the lookout for new recipes to try - especially those that are a part of traditional celebrations in other cultures.

Baking cookies that have been a part of Winter Holiday Celebrations for generations gives me a feeling of being connected in a small way with people around the world who are also celebrating winter holidays.

The internet is full of commercial sites offering recipes for every cookie under the sun. But it has always been my experience that it is the cookie recipes that have been handed down through families that are the best.

So I invite you to join me over the next month in the celebration of cookies!

Please share your family recipe for a cookie or other favorite sweet treat by linking to your own blog post on which you have placed the recipe.

Below the recipes pictured at the bottom of the post, you will see a little blue froggy.  Click on it to install your recipe.

The link system is provided by the most excellent Inlinkz and will direct you to include the URL to your post, the name of the recipe and how to select an image from your post to appear as a thumbnail.

If you do not see the blue froggy, please let me know and I will tell you how to make it appear!

The links will be in place until December 30th so that they will be there when the urge to bake Holiday Cookies strikes! And you can add a recipe anytime during the month of Decembger.

I hope everyone reading will share a favorite family recipe and find  new and delicious treats to add to their own holiday cookie platters!


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Oh wow - it's like an advent

Oh wow - it's like an advent calendar of cookies! Must start trying them out now :)

I'm so glad to find you! I

I'm so glad to find you! I can't wait to get home from work tomorrow and scroll through all these recipes! Happy Holidays!

LOOK at these gorgeous

LOOK at these gorgeous things! I can't stand it.
I haven't made mine yet this season so I will add a real photo when I have. This weekend is baking time, and now I have some yummy new inspiration from everyone!

Thanks, Pam.

Pam, let me know when you

Pam, let me know when you want to cut me off. I am posting all these recipes that are not quite foreign or international. I promise the Polish Faworki will be next.

Oh Kathy!  You can put in as

Oh Kathy!  You can put in as many recipes as you like!  This newest - the little Christmas tree Rice Krispie Treats is genius!  I love it!

And "international" means all nations including the USA! :-)  As long as the recipe is a winter holiday treat in any household anywhere, I welcome it!

OK my recipe is pretty

OK my recipe is pretty rubbish compared to the amazing things other have contributed. Can't wait for the dishwasher to finish so that I can make a cup of tea (I'm out of mugs!) and read through them all properly!

Okay, I know my recipe isn't

Okay, I know my recipe isn't exactly of the festive holiday variety but they are by far our favourite cookies to make. Also, they're really comforting on cold winter days - and we're having PLENTY of those at the moment so I can't get these cookies off my mind. Hmmmm, maybe I'll whip some up today!
Thanks for hosting this fun link swap Pam :)

Thanks for hosting this fun

Thanks for hosting this fun swap! I'm sure to try out a few new recipes this year.

Winter cookie goodness makes

Winter cookie goodness makes my mouth water! Love the name you picked for the swap Pam. This will be fun! I did a button for the swap, anyone participating is welcome to it if they want to link to you.

Take care and have a nice week!

I've been looking forward to

I've been looking forward to this since you first mentioned it in the summer! I love Christmas cookies almost more than anything. Thanks so much for hosting this!

Pam, I have been so excited

Pam, I have been so excited to join your cookie exchange! For today I am just linking The Elves' Snickerdoodles. They turn out delish! I have a few more recipes that I am making this weekend and will be adding to this fun cookie exchange! Thanks for hosting such a fun cookie exchange! I can't wait to see what others add.