About Me (and where to contact me)


 Welcome! My name is Pam Harris, and I am a Dabbler who finds herself compelled to try almost everything at least once. I love playing with fiber (knitting, weaving, felting, embroidery); I find great satisfaction in working with punched tin, wheat straw, and gourds; and I often find myself playing with paper, beads, wire, and fabric.

This is me in college, wearing a suit I made! I don't do that much sewing anymore, but I have a long history of clothes, Halloween costumes and home furnishings!

Although the Winter holidays were the beginning of this blog and are closest to my heart, I invite you to join me in exploring the joy, inspiration and pleasure to be be found in celebrating all seasons with craft, food and unique cultural traditions.

You can learn some fun things about me here and here.

...Or would you like to contact me?